The problem
Currently the minigrid segment around the globe lacks a standardized approach towards the load assessment, sizing of generation capacity and financing aspects of the projects. This results in project developers, as well as non-government organisations and municipalities to lack a deep enough understanding to compare e.g. various offers from solar companies against each other and have a common understanding of the potential energy supply presented.

The solution
The solution to this is the development of a tool, publicly available, that allows interested parties to enter data from site surveys into a database and perform calculations on the energy demand, and thus the required generation capacity. Further the tool includes financial aspects that allow to come up with an initial project budget, that allows decisions towards the next steps. All data on each project is stored in a secure database, that allows future review and changes to any project entered.

Cooperation background
The cooperation to develop this tool was initiated by Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in 2014. GIZ gave the contract to develop the tool to OneShore Energy, a company specialised in off-grid systems. Together with Welfendesign and STUTTGART MEDIA, the website was developed.

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